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Are you looking for the perfect graduate scheme?

If you've recently graduated from university, it's likely that you will be looking for the perfect graduate scheme to kick-start your career.

There are many graduate recruitment programmes to choose from and finding the ideal graduate scheme to match your degree and skills can be difficult.

Gradplus.com can help to make this easier by helping you to find the best graduate scheme for you.

As well as advertising vacancies at a wide range of companies on gradplus, we can offer guidance and support when it comes to writing the perfect CV, getting it seen by the right people and navigating the interview process.

What is a graduate scheme?

A graduate scheme is a recruitment programme offered by employers with the aim of taking on recent university leavers and giving them the training they need to undertake roles at a high level within the firm.

The graduate trainee jobs on offer in these graduate schemes can vary depending on the company and sector, but usually take the form of trainee or junior management positions that can help shape the graduate into a future leader.

Many large employers offer graduate schemes, including those in the banking, retail, pharmaceutical, food, sales, IT, transport and engineering sectors.

Companies usually have a set number of graduate scheme vacancies on offer that are fought over by many more applicants than there are places.

Final-year undergraduates need to start researching and applying for jobs on a graduate scheme as soon as possible, ideally around a year before they graduate.

This is because the recruitment process for graduate schemes can stretch out over weeks or months. Companies need to identify the best candidates and put them through their paces via a series of tests and interviews.

Graduates can find information on graduate scheme vacancies through their university careers service, online job boards, newspaper advertisements and directly from recruiters' websites.

Job fairs are a great source for graduate scheme advertisements and you can usually talk to the recruiter face-to-face to get an idea of what their graduate scheme involves.

It is important to make a note of all deadlines when applying for a place on a graduate scheme - there are usually set dates by which employers require initial applications and confirmations of attendance for tests and interviews, if relevant.

Find the perfect graduate scheme with Gradplus.com

If you're keen to start searching for the ideal graduate scheme for you, Gradplus.com can help.

Our online job database advertises the latest graduate schemes from organisations across a wide range of sectors and we can also offer advice and tips on finding the best graduate schemes and applying to recruiters.

We maintain a directory of graduate employers so you can find out more about working for a specific company and we provide detailed information on typical graduate jobs in particular industries.

If you register with Gradplus.com you can earn PlusPoints as you complete various tasks - such as uploading your CV and applying for graduate scheme vacancies - to get your graduate scheme job hunting off to a good start. When you build up enough PlusPoints, you can redeem them to receive vouchers or make a charity donation.

To find the best graduate schemes to suit your skills and experience and benefit from a host of advice on landing your dream graduate job, register with Gradplus.com today.

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