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Jiajun Tan - Amplify Trading Graduate

Company Name: Amplify Trading

Location: London

Jiajun Tan is one of many Imperial College Finance Society members who has completed the Amplify Trading training programme in order to enhance his prospects of cracking the IB recruitment minefield. We asked Jiajun how being part of the Amplify summer 2011 intake enhanced his investment banking prospects.

1. What was the main reason you joined the Amplify Trading programme?

I have been interested in a career in trading ever since i came to University and because of my degree background and very limited experience in the field I was looking for a programme where I could be exposed to the markets from a practical point of view. Amplify suited the bill perfectly.
2. Did the training live up to your expectations?
The first week in-house training was very thorough and started from a very fundamental level, which to someone with no financial knowledge was a very welcoming introduction to the market. The following week consisted of daily instruction of new materials where they can be put to practice straight away in real-time market price action, one learns the most by getting one's hands dirty. It's certainly true here.
3. What was the most valuable aspect of the training?
For me the most valuable aspect was definitely the market knowledge, from not knowing what monetary policy was at all to then being able to confidently analyse Federal Reserve and ECB statements as well as assessing the macro US economic data was a major step forward for me.
4. Did the Amplify training help secure your position at a leading Investment Bank? And if so how did it help?
Absolutely, I was able to demonstrate my interest in banking simply by stating the fact that I was involved with Amplify. Of course the market side was very helpful too, in terms of conversing with the interviewer on my opinions in the market etc. I certainly could not have obtained 4 internship offers for Sales and Trading from Citi, HSBC, RBS and Deutsche Bank without Amplify. Of the 4 banks I decided to pick Citi and I have just completed my summer internship which went very well. To be perfectly honest with you, I really could not have done it without Amplify!

5. Would you recommend Amplify’s training to other Imperial Finance Society members and if so for what reasons?
I would definitely recommend it to everyone. First of all, it provides hands on experience in trading the markets, second of all it provides the necessary market knowledge to form and execute trading ideas. Also networking with other Amplify interns, some of who I have no doubt will make it big, is a plus.


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