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Anita-Mai Goulding - Associate Consultant

Company Name: Microsoft

Location: Reading

University: University of Exeter

Degree: Bsc (HONS) IT Management for Business

Why did you choose this degree?
I chose this degree as it is an e-skills degree and is designed by some of the biggest employers in the IT industry; its main aim is to provide graduates with the specific skills that the employers believe are essential. My degree ensures that’s an ITMB graduate I have all the tools to excel in and lead the industry in the future.

Why did you want to go to university?
 I love to learn; I am full of questions and constantly want to know more!  I saw it as a huge challenges I had previously been told throughout school that it would be a struggle for me to attend University.

Are you glad you went? Why?
I am SO INCREDIBLY THRILLED that I went! I landed my dream job and I grew up so much. The main thing I came out with and will now use for the rest of my life is the ability to turn a negative situation into a positive one. I met some of the most intelligent, dynamic, interesting people that I will ever meet. I absolutely had a few challenges but overcoming those hurdles made me a whole lot happier today.

When you were at university, what did you want to do as a career? Did that happen?
Well originally I wanted to be a journalist but after carrying out an internship I decided it wasn’t for me. I have always loved information technology and during my ICT AVCE I deigned, implement and tested a website. From my AVCE I developed a strong appreciation for web the design and creating an interactive user experience. Being able to visualize something, plan it and test new strategies to build it is absolutely why I love innovation!

How did you go about getting the job you have now?
From sheer hard work, I knew from studying modules at University and having had web design experience that I wanted to have a job that was constantly changing. For me getting into Microsoft was the biggest dream that I have ever had! To be at the forefront of bleeding edge technology and around people who are passionate, diverse and super intelligent is unreal! As well as being part of a corporation who were first in bringing out groundbreaking technology and now leading the future.

Tell us a little bit about your experiences getting a career?
I was always unsure how I would perform academically as I was never ever an A student!  Obviously competition now is tough and I just stuck to what I was good at and really worked incredibly hard at it. Gaining a lot of work experience is my opinion is vital now! From carrying out work experience or internships when going to interviews and when you start work you can always relate past experiences to new ones. University is what you make of it and you can get so much out of University if you’re willing to put in the work. Going to lectures and getting on with the minimum in my opinion is no way enough, why bother doing sometime if you’re not going to put 100% in is my opinion. Get involved in something you enjoy and seek work experience that you feel will get you to where you want to be. Nothing worth having is going to happen overnight!

What do you do at the moment?
I am on the Microsoft graduate scheme on the technical scheme. I am training to be a consultant within Windows Azure and I absolutely love it. I have always wanted to work for Microsoft!

If you could do it all again, is there anything you would do differently? What would you tell your 18 – 21 yr old self?
I would just not worry so much and compare myself to my peers. I always felt that I was never smart enough and I put way too much pressure on myself at times. However, saying that it gave me the work ethic to take on any challenge and not be afraid of hard work.

What advice would you give other students / graduates? BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!! Dream the biggest dream you can and go for it!


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