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David Richards - UK Sales Manager

Company Name: Moss Plastics, part of Essentra

Location: Oxford

University: University of Leeds

Course: Chemical Engineering

Year of graduation: 1998

When did you start with Essentra?
I started in September 1999 based at Moss Plastic Parts in Oxford.  I subsequently moved to manage one of Moss’ sales and distribution sites in Uckfield, East Sussex.

Why did you apply to Essentra?
They have a graduate scheme and I liked the idea of going into a engineering role but knowing that the expectation would be that I would perform well and one day be in a position / be groomed to be a middle manager. It provided me with reassurance that there would be opportunities for progression and that I wouldn’t just be one of a number of graduate intakes.

What was your expectation of the role when you started?
That I would be coming into a supportive friendly environment and be able to learn about the company but most of all that I would be given the opportunity to work on some important projects, make a real difference and achieve success.

How has your job role changed?
I have moved through many roles in the seven years at Moss. I started as a Development Engineer in production and became heavily involved in updating and modernising the manufacturing facility. At the time there was a huge project which involved bringing in 100 new machines along with plant and ancillary equipment. After about 12 months I moved on to become involved in some general production issues and became responsible for the manufacturing monitoring systems along with some more general improvement projects. After 18 months at Moss I moved into Internal Sales and gained an excellent commercial grounding. Near the end of the first year the opportunity arose to go into Field Sales and although apprehensive at first I found that I really enjoyed the responsibility and quickly developed a flair for the role. After 2 years in this role and successful sales territory growth I moved to manage a remote sales and distribution site down on the south coast. I took responsibility for the success of the business managing all aspects. After 2 ½ years in this role I have now moved back to head office in Oxford to initially set up a telesales team and take full responsibility for internal sales.

What are you doing now?
I have just increased my responsibility to mange the field sales team and am looking forward to the year ahead having been given responsibility for total UK sales, including managing the business development, telesales and field sales departments to effectively grow UK sales at Moss. Do this in synergy with the marketing department and customer services department through effective communication channels.

What are your professional plans for the next 12-18 months within Essentra?
Develop in my new role and attain high levels of success personally and within my departments.  Would like to start an MBA towards the end of this period.

What do you like most about your role at Essentra?
The progression and their willingness to give responsibility.

What do you like most about Essentra as an employer?
They are a big company and you never lose site of that but because of the diversity of the business and different divisions there are many opportunities to be recognised and progress. They are forward thinking and ambitious.


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