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Company Profile - Diversey


Diversey is a leading global provider of commercial cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions. Our products, systems and expertise make food, drink, and facilities safer for consumers, and help our customers to keep our world clean. Today, Diversey touches the lives of 800 million workers directly or indirectly. 

Moving forward, Diversey is poised to transform itself and the industry. Under new leadership and with the investment of Bain Capital, we are well positioned to achieve our goal of changing the way the cleaning industry creates value with digital solutions. We are seizing exciting opportunities to become a knowledge-based company by selling more predictive solutions based on our Internet of Clean™ platform, robotics, and sustainability innovations. The Internet of Clean™ gives us a chance to radically transform the way the industry delivers value through cleaning, and is delivering huge benefits by preventing food poisoning, hospital acquired infections and other health related incidents. 

Who are we?


Diversey provides a vital service. We believe cleaning and hygiene are life essentials. We’re pioneers of the future and creators of connection. Tireless in our pursuit of effective hygiene solutions. Determined to deliver efficient cleaning technologies.

We believe that our business is about people. We put humans first whether that be cleaner, employee or customer. We give our customers total confidence to enable their businesses to grow and thrive.

Dirty and unpredictable or just an ordinary day, we’ll be there.
First day of school - Diversey’s there.
First date dinner - Diversey’s there.
Producing a meal - Diversey’s there.
Big day at work - Diversey’s there.
A trip abroad - Diversey’s there.
Having an operation - Diversey’s there.

We believe life should be lived and dirt should be made. We don’t just protect the future. We save lives. We care. We take pride in what we do because we believe in life.

Let’s live.


A healthy and safe world where people are free to live their lives.


To protect & care for people every day by pioneering future focused cleaning and hygiene technologies.


Brand values are what we stand for and believe in, they act as our guiding principles and set the standard for how our brand should behave in the world.

We believe in being courageously caring

We care about our people, our partnerships, our customers, our planet and the promises we make. Care is embedded in everything we do and everything we believe.

We believe in being disciplined entrepreneurs

We’re tireless in our pursuit of the new and next idea. Our never ending spirit and continued determination is what drives us to be better than we were the day before, we meet challenges head on, we raise the bar every day and we win.

We believe in making decisive decisions

We hold ourselves to high standards which means we have to make tough decisions. We don’t take these decisions lightly, but we’re prepared to make these choices for the good of our business and the good of our people.

How to apply

See current opportunities.

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