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Company Profile - GapGuru


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GapGuru is a gap year specialist offering a wide range of exciting volunteer, travel and internship opportunities across Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Participants on GapGuru programmes could be doing anything from teaching underprivileged children in rural Nepal, to managing micro-finance grants for HIV/Aids sufferers in Tanzania, or providing medical support in Cambodia.

GapGuru programmes last from 2 weeks to 12 months and are carefully selected and supported by our UK and in-country teams. Our comprehensive pre-departure briefing and personalised service ensures that participants make the most of their gap year experience, giving them the chance not just to travel, but to journey with a purpose!

Who are we?

GapGuru is primarily aimed at school leavers and the gap year market - whether before or after university. The demographic of our audience ranges between the ages of 13-25, though typically our participants are between the ages of 17-25, and the male/female split is roughly even.

GapGuru has a unique position in that our volunteer programmes support our own UK registered charity, The FutureSense Foundation (Charity Number 1132101). The Foundation is the basis of everything GapGuru’s volunteer programmes are trying to achieve – namely stimulating sustainable international development. This work focuses on education, child welfare and livelihoods and every GapGuru volunteer programme is researched and assessed within the framework of these objectives. GapGuru is therefore genuinely trying to have a positive impact on developing communities around the world.

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Career Opportunities

Students gain incredible life experiences for their CVs and this is always a fantastic talking point at interviews and helps to show employers that they are well rounded and have developed personal skills beyond academia. Our programmes also add an international dimension to CVs and this helps young people to show prospective employers that they are effective communicators within an international environment and a new culture.

Our internship programmes offer incredible work experience in the fields of business, medicine, journalism, publishing and editing. These internships offer a great range of hands on, real world opportunities that really enhance CVs for job and university applications. For example with our medical internships GapGuru works with organisations from world class hospitals in Delhi to community health centres in rural Nepal so there is something for everyone!

Training and Development

With our programmes GapGuru participants have the opportunity to discover new countries and cultures, to meet new people and immerse themselves in local communities. Our volunteers work in underprivileged communities, helping those in genuine need, while building their own skills, confidence and experience.

The personal and community benefits are combined with the excitement of a new adventure, a personal challenge and the discovery of a new world.
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What we look for

Volunteers need to be adaptable, self-motivated and creative; have the ability to listen and learn and be open to changing their mind so they can identify the approaches that best suit the environment. They will need patience, common-sense and sensitivity to a different culture. Participants on GapGuru programme will also require self-assurance, as they will be working with and training others. Additionally they need a desire to learn and help others learn, so that together with the local community they can devise the strongest solutions together.

How to apply


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