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Company Profile - Reaqua Systems


Reaqua Systems has solved two problems that many people will not even be aware of: why we use high-quality drinking water to flush toilets and why we waste energy by allowing the hot water from baths and showers to go straight down the drain. Reaqua’s solution uses proven technologies in an innovative combination to capture the energy in the hot water, and use the cooled waste-water to replace the drinking water for toilet flushing. The result: a 30% reduction in water usage and water bills, and up to 50% reduction in energy consumption for water heating.

But at Reaqua Systems we not only care about delivering substantial savings, we want also to ensure we are in tune with the way people want to live. So these savings don’t require a change of behaviour – the unit needs no controls – nor do they come at the price of austerity – we don’t ration the water coming out of the shower or reduce the quality used to flush the toilet. It is our belief that simply by reusing water we can deliver dramatic savings but avoid many of the unwanted issues that come with other reduction techniques like an increased risk of blocked sewage pipes – not something we want our customers to put up with.

And the reAqua units don’t just offer advantages to users. The system has been designed with the needs of installers and specifiers too with a keen eye on current and future legislation.

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