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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Working out a graduate engineering job

You have just finished three years (or more) of academic work and now it is time to get your hands dirty in the practical world of a graduate engineering job. While it is a pretty big field, if you have a degree in any kind of engineering, science, maths, design, geography or even art then there is probably a graduate job for you in this area. read more...


Get networking!

The recession has caused a reduction in the number of graduate jobs available to university leavers in the UK, there is no doubting that. In the Association of Graduate Recruiters' bi-annual survey of the employment market, published in July, it was found that overall graduate job vacancies were down by 24.9 per cent. read more...


Can't find a graduate job? Try work experience instead

Many university leavers will by now have settled themselves into a graduate job if they are lucky. But the economic climate has meant that employers are closing off a lot of the opportunities that were available before the credit crunch. read more...


Careers in IT

Technology and IT now impacts on almost every aspect of our lives, so why not make a career out of it? There are a number of opportunities within the IT sector and people seeking graduate jobs need not simply focus their attentions on specific IT companies, as most firms will have IT departments or functions. read more...


Ethical Careers

As final exams loom, many students will be, or have been for quite some time, pondering about what they are going to do after university is all over. Some may be looking to go into 'ethical careers'. read more...

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