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Cardiff University opens cyber security centre of excellence

Published: Wednesday, 10 May 2017   Category: All Graduate Jobs News

The first European centre of its kind to tackle cyber attacks on critical infrastructure will open at Cardiff University’s School of Computer Science and Informatics. 

The Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Analytics will focus on world-leading research into cyber security issues and is the result of a working partnership between Cardiff University and Airbus.

It will focus on research into protecting corporate IT networks, intellectual property and critical national infrastructure from cyber attacks. Industry-relevant academic programmes in cyber security will be developed at the university as the skills gap for experts in the field continues to widen.

Cardiff University and Airbus have received in excess of £1 million of funding for cyber security part-funded by the Endeavour programme backed by Airbus and the Welsh government. Cardiff University has also been awarded nearly £2 million in external funding, including money sourced from UK research councils, industry and government.

Major new programmes will be launched on the back of this investment over the next three years and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms will be developed to help fight the battle against cyber threats. 
Those threats targeting internet-enabled environments such as control systems in critical national infrastructure right through to online social network platforms will be a main focus.

Skills gap

All the field of cyber security is such an important one there is a worsening global shortage of qualified and experienced professionals and specialists. According to the latest Global Information Security 

Workforce Study by (ISC), an estimated 1.8 million information security-related roles are expected to be unfilled worldwide by 2022.

The new centre at Cardiff University is part of an agreement between the university and Airbus aimed at sharing knowledge and offering the potential for secondments and industrial placements being made available for researchers and students in the future.

Director of the new centre, Pete Burnap, explained that resilience to cyber attacks is best achieved by data modelling to detect and block malicious behaviour before it has its full impact. The communication of security alerts among decision and policy-makers is also currently an issue of concern.

Burnap went on to say that the new centre will be interdisciplinary by design, so it will draw on expertise in the field of cyber security from across the whole university.

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