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The team at Gradplus are pleased to provide you with coverage of the key issues and stories in the graduate sector.


Defray your course's cost

Steve Coomber says many students do not take up offers of help PROSPECTIVE students will know that an MBA can unlock the door to a better career and usually a better salary. But benefits like these do not come cheap. In Europe, where one-year courses are the norm, a full-time MBA can cost £30,000. read more...


Routes to the top



Graduates postpone professional careers to travel, stock shelves and take 'chill out' time

Parents and employers are united in fear: Britain's grown-up children are highly educated, thousands of pounds in debt and have no intention whatsoever of getting a proper job. read more...


Is a Masters the answer?

If, according to the higher-education minister Kim Howells, it's a good time to be a graduate, does that mean that it's an even better time to be a postgraduate? The jury is still out. read more...


Demand for Graduates set to increase

More than half of all graduate employers use at least five different selection methods, with assessment centres and face-to-face interviews held to be the most effective. Interviews are used more or less universally while nearly two-thirds use electronic application forms. read more...


Britons don't want to work less

We work the longest hours in the European Union, but a new survey from The Times reveals that most Britons (78% apparently) would not choose to work fewer hours for less money. read more...


Stacking up experience

With 250,000 graduates joining the jobs market each year, some have to make a career start where they least expect it - as Tom Barlow reports - Fancy a career stacking shelves?

Probably not.


What happened next?

Caroline Carey worked as a call centre collections agent while studying business admin and ergonomics at Aston University But what does she do now?

Caroline Carey is now working for food retailer Aldi, as a trading director who oversees more than 57 stores located in the Midlands.

She describes her position as fast-paced and varied.


All in a day's work

Helen McNutt has been pursuing the graduate career dream that has seen her take up 18 jobs in two years

You go to university. You graduate. You take a year out to travel. You return. You start a well paid job related to your degree ... or at least that's how it's meant to go. read more...


Hand-written CVs on luminous paper

Unemployment may be at record lows, but getting onto the first rung of the career ladder is tougher than ever before according to the UK's leading recruitment experts. read more...

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