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Sales is the industry that makes the world go round!  Virtually every company has a sales function of some sort and there tends to be many graduate jobs in sales as well.  Without a sales function, goods and services would not be sold and money would not be made!

Students hoping to boost their chances of securing a graduate job once finishing their degree courses may opt to follow a career path down the sales and recruitment route as every company has a sales team of some kind. This could lead to the chance to progress to a better paying position or one offering greater challenges with little problem. However, a position in the field requires more than a persuasive nature and being able to talk the hind legs off a donkey, with employees able to develop a vast number of business skills and experiences.

Sales jobs often come in one of two forms, with graduates either working for a business looking to sell goods and services to another business (B2B) or from a business to an individual (B2C). However, in both formats there are a range of skills that are useful among graduates, ranging from being a good communicator to being strong in terms of speed of thought. Prospective sales staff also need to be able to develop suitable relationships with people both in person, through email and over the telephone, while having the capacity to display agility with numbers is also useful. Therefore, for those looking for a job that combines being organised with research, negotiation and meeting people outside of an office environment, a job in sales could prove well suited.

One of the key perks for opting for a job in the sales sphere are the financial bonuses available. Among the leading examples of this is the chance to earn added commission on top of a basic salary. Sales personnel adverts often include the phrase 'OTE', which could represent 'On Target Earnings' or 'Over Target Earnings' and ensures that a staff member collects a greater financial reward if they exceed the targets placed on them.

Meanwhile, the Croner Sales Rewards study from the Chartered Institute of Marketing determined that a middle manager in sales can expect to earn £38,000 each year, which is 5.6 per cent higher than the national average for a job on this level. It was also noted that heads of sales take home just over £57,000, which is comfortably more than their colleagues working in human resources and marketing.

Graduates deciding that the sales environment is the place for them may want to step up their efforts to find work in the south-east, where wages were found to be 16 per cent more than the national average. David Thorp, head of research and professional development at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, feels that the economic downturn had a positive role in businesses noting the importance of their sales staff to a company. He added: "With the UK economy still in recession, organisations will need to hold on to their most experienced salespeople and attract the brightest talents if they are to tough it out until the economy recovers. Organisations appear to have recognised this and our study confirms that businesses are rewarding their most experienced salespeople well for their vital contribution."

Another perk could be the chance to travel to unknown destinations both across the UK and around the world. Having said this, some people may find constant suitcase packing to be a bit of a chore, particularly when there is a pile of paperwork that needs sorting through and dealing with back at the office.

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