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Did you know that only one third of Europe’s IT workers are women? A survey carried out by a career development and networking portal, ‘Women in Technology’, states that 50% of women find it hard to succeed in IT companies. They find it particularly difficult to reach more senior positions, which according to them, are usually granted to men first.

However, IT services provider FDM Group are bucking the trend with 46% of its office staff and 13% of its IT Consultants being female. In fact, many of FDM’s management are women, including its COO, Finance Manager, Sales Manager and Recruitment Operations Manager.  

A study of 15,000 small and medium-sized businesses in Finland found that those run by women tend to be 10% more efficient than those run by men. Another study showed that companies with more women on their Board of Directors tended to perform better on the stock exchange.  

Taking this into consideration, perhaps the secret weapon against the recession is women!  

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