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Transport and Utilities


Transport and logistics is an essential part of most company's operations and there are many graduate jobs within this area.  Getting goods from the point of manufacture to the point of sale or from point of sale to the customer at the right time and for a reasonable price, is key part of the supply chain, whether they do it themselves, or outsource this function.

These days, company's transport and logistics strategies also need to take environmental factors in to concern as they do their best to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Transport also includes getting people from one destination to another via train, aeroplane, or bus for example and the range of graduate jobs within this sector is much wider than you may imagine.  From graduate air traffic controllers to flight crew, and train drivers to planners of new railway lines, the possibilities for graduates thinking about a job in this sector are incredible. 


Utilities are the companies which manage the generation, distribution and supply of services such as water, gas, electricity and telecommunications.  Often covering a specific region of the country, they manage all aspects of the infrastructure as well as supplying private homes and businesses, pricing, billing and all health and safety issues. They also have to deal directly with the public and have large departments dedicated to doing this.

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